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My opinion on the Nigger Organization, Black Live's Matter. A Terrorist organization,That's as bad as ISIS.

OI FEST, September 23rd, 24th, 25th.. Be there to support OI Fest and the White Power Movement 

Aryan Nations Knights of the KU KLUX KLAN Black and Silver Solution, Fall Rally. Be there  October 14th- October 16th..

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​The Unwanted list just updated!!

What in the hell is going on with today's society!! A NEW POST under blog.

​Welcome Brother's from the Aryan Nations South Africa White Liberation Army.

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Also posted, ANSSMC'S  Float Down. Labor Day weekend. 

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​​~~This declaration is is to give the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls members and potential members a basic understanding of the mc' plight. Since the death of the honorable Pastor Richard Butler , the Aryan Nations envisioned by him has come to pass . There are multiple groups that claim status of the original AN which could not be further from the truth . We in the Sadistic Souls motorcycle club take the stand that tho we do not belong in any self proclaimed  Aryan Nations  wannabes  or any other that claims original AN status, we are the hub of many organizations therefore being the focal point of a new Aryan Nation , one that welcomes all honorable brothers! We believe that religion cannot control the destiny of our folk and to be part of the Aryan Nations SSMC. You may be identity , Christian separatist , odinist or plain NS . We will not turn good brothers down in our order do to theological issues .

Our race is our religion and our nation in our new Aryan Nation, our Aryan Nation patch will resemble the original patch of Richard Girnt Butler The times and era dictates decisions made by the MC's world council . As our enemies become larger and more organized it is pertinent that all racist look into an updated vision of total white victory. Do not be mislead by others that know nothing about us , the SSMC has from it's conception , been a white supremacist biker organization . The decision to separate from all so called Aryan Nations self proclaimed leaders is mutual - the mc is not governed by loose dictators nor any one club , the mc is a white nationalist biker club composed of racist from all respectable aryan clubs- our council are all recognized white warriors from different groups and honorable individuals . We are a true brotherhood , our brother may do wrong but he is still our brother. Our cut is our identity and anyone wearing a cut will be supported by our brothers within our Aryan Nation. We are the ONLY organization that has a solution to address todays problem's. It's called "THE BLACK AND SILVER SOLUTION!!!" We have the vision, the means, and ability to prevail, where all have failed Pastor Butlers. we will prevail. 

Hail our victory in the name

ANSSMC National President,

SS Lightnin'