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If your not a part of the solution,

"your part of the problem"

Black and Silver Solution

Talk Shoe Podcast

Dial: +1 605-562-0444

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Monday Nights at 7 pm

we ant the fucking boyscouts

Since the reconstruction of the ANSSMC there have been many Changes to accommodate an ever increasing changing world.

As the original order of the Aryan Nations was to be the political arm of the cjcc , the ANSSMC has taken the position of being the militant arm of our beloved Aryan Nation .

Our men consist of dedicated , loyal comrades who , when called to action , unwaveringly join in and do what is necessary to insure our tactics & strategies success . Our brothers come from different theological backgrounds but all share the vision of total Aryan Victory.

Anyone interested , groups or individuals , on becoming a member or in an auxiliary unit will now be considered into our ranks regardless of their religious beliefs.

We expect nothing less than 100% loyalty to our Nation and when called to action , represent the Aryan Nation and roll with the mc regardless of affiliations. Anyone joining the ranks of our Aryan Nation automatically places themselves in the ANSSMCs auxiliary
unit .Our auxiliary units do not need a motorcycle to join , only to swear allegiance to our higher calling and join in our world wide struggle.

The ANSSAU will conduct there own meetings as well as attend all ANSSMC functions in there state .

The Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club is not a paper membership social club, therefore , to enter into our ranks you will meet one of our ambassadors or run thru national office. All those interested in coming aboard must understand that they will be required to make arrangements to attend all ANSSMC mandatory rides / functions . Those that cannot attend will be escorts in their respective states . We are looking for the best of the best to join in our ranks so if you do not plan to be mobile and participate in our events then it would be best not to apply , there are plenty of " do nothing " groups that simply don't care.

Our initiation fee is $150.00 and $20.00 a month thereafter. This initiation fee will grant the Mc their 3
piece patch and black & silver standard with membership card. The AU will recieve their uniform shirt with black & silver standard and membership card . We require all members to stay in touch with their respected ambassador and follow instructions handed down from the Sadistic Six.

Our program is not only a voice of reason but obtainable .We are the future ,our forefathers vision, the Aryan Nation !



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