We at the ANSSMC, Aryan Nations, under the Black & Silver Solutions are seeking good like minded brothers to join our organization. Keep in mind we have had a 2 year recruiting freeze, but are now once again accepting applications. Only the best will be accepted. We hold our brothers to a higher standard. If you are a dreg, or need to have an organization baby sit you, do not contact us. Unlike other organizations we hand you your application. We are not a paper membership organization that wants your money, and gives you a title. All serious inquiries contact can be made through our contact page. Hail our Victory.. SSJD


RIP GENERAL RUSSOUE, OF South Africa. You fought the good fight against all odds, We will fly our Holy symbols at half staff, for a solid month, in your honor and sacrifice. Posted under announcements on this site!!

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Pastor Butler stated to pickup to torch and carry on. We have done so at the ANSSMC. You half wit do nothing motherfucker's  out there have done nothing to carry on, to pick up that torch and carry on.  What the hell were you thinking, no one would care if you used Pastor Butlers legacy for your mere benefit. to obtain money for your weak do nothing cause, really!! Guess what, you didn't factor in the true Aryan Nations World Leader, Dennis Mcgiffen,Nor the Gen. SSJD. Yes you read that correctly. Gen. SSJD. Well really i'm just the west coast ambassador. Then again maybe not. A man is defined by his loyalty and actions. Mere words do not define a man, they are just hollow words we have heard since 2004. from many men that were under Pastor Butler.  The following have been banished forever; Morris Gulett, Bradley Jenkins, Charles Juba, James McManus, August Kreis, Randal Smith,Martin Lindstedt,( which was never a pastor ordained by the CJCCAN) anyone with a problem with this, feel free to contact me; ssjd@sadisticsoulsmc.org ,we are the true Aryans on this planet. Fuck all who wish our demise. Gen.SSJD ARYAN NATIONS!!!!

In the last decade we as Aryans have been called every racist name in the book according to the SPLC, and other organizations that are the suppose to be the the authority on white power and hate groups of America. I have yet to see our founding father's included in this so called list. I say this because my belief's  are the same as the men who framed our very own constitution. Yet, many organizations claimed Aryan status, there is only one left, that would be the ANSSMC. Hail our Victory ...SSFFSS

From the desk Of SSJD, ARYAN NATIONS. 


2012 All Rights Reserved


As fake White Power falls,we will prevail, Anssmc

Since the passing of the honorable Richard Girnt Butler. Many have claimed Aryan Nation status. All have failed. That would include all Pastors of the CJCC, that are still alive today. To have Pastor Butler take you under his wing and in return all he asked for was for you to pick up the torch and carry on.  The only thing you've carried on with is to fill your pockets full of money. It's been a sad 13 years. We have no worries. We don't claim to be the Aryan Nations, We are the ARYAN NATIONS!! 

 As far as all the Media request. We have no comment, and no answers for the mere stupidity of others.   SSFFSS 

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Congratulations Brother Cory, on the good news of your wife's pregnancy, as you bring another Aryan into this world.. Hail

I'll be issuing our family orientated events for the Sadistic Souls, and "The Black and Silver Solutions" very soon. See you all there..