The splc would like everyone to  believe they are the authority on White Power, terrorist ,and of course hate groups. I'm telling you they are the ass clowns of today's society as a whole. Then again they have Traitors like Bradley Jenkins, the Imperial Wizard of the United Klans  of America in there corner. Any IW that supports the grape street krips is nothing more than a nigger lover and a traitor to his own white following. Deceit and deception will lead us nowhere. The label the splc is nothing than a mere joke. i say fuck all who wish our demise, as we Hail our Victory as the True and only leaders of the ONLY TRUE ARYAN NATIONS and  Pastor Butlers legacy. Hail  Victory SSJD Aryan Nations World Ambassador.. SSFFSS 

In the last decade we as Aryans have been called every racist name in the book according to the SPLC, and other organizations that are the suppose to be the the authority on white power and hate groups of America. I have yet to see our founding father's included in this so called list. I say this because my belief's  are the same as the men who framed our very own constitution. Yet, many organizations claimed Aryan status, there is only one left, that would be the ANSSMC. Hail our Victory ...SSFFSS

The SPLC has labeled the ANSSMC as a hate group. Okay, i hate stupid ill informed jerk offs that form an opinion of our organization with what they read on the web or hear on the news. I really don't give two shits about what anyone thinks of myself or the organization i belong to. Here is why; we do everything 100% legal,And we do charity events, to help our white kindred...


The Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MotorCycle Club, The Black and Silver Solutions,and it's slogan" If your not part of the Solution, your part of the problem"

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Since the passing of the honorable Richard Girnt Butler. Many have claimed Aryan Nation status. All have failed. That would include all Pastors of the CJCC, that are still alive today. To have Pastor Butler take you under his wing and in return all he asked for was for you to pick up the torch and carry on.  The only thing you've carried on with is to fill your pockets full of money. It's been a sad 13 years. We have no worries. We don't claim to be the Aryan Nations, We are the ARYAN NATIONS!! 

 As far as all the Media request. We have no comment, and no answers for the mere stupidity of others.   SSFFSS 

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Since there has been an overwhelming request by the Jew Media, and many News outlets, i have to reply. SSJD Posted under "The Wall"

​Reunion Conference; to be held by REV. James Logsdon,"The Creativity Movement" OCT. 7TH  

Since the passing of Pastor Butler, there has been no Aryan Nations until 2007, when Dennis Mcgiffin took over the Aryan Nations. There are many who claim Aryan Nations Status,but have been a complete failure, to Pastor Butlers legacy. Now the jew splc wants to be the authority on White Power, give me a fucking break..

​30  YEARS OF FAILURE; by the so called White Race!! What a Joke.. Posted under Blog.  SSJD!!!

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