Rev. James Logsdon, TCM, and Matt Hale's personal friend

 Our dead hero's of the white power movement, made it there life's work for this cause, and all passed honorably for this very movement. Our hero's, did not die in vein. We, the true Aryans of the Black and Silver carry on the vision and legacy of our hero's. We remember there sacrifices, trails and tribulations. Most important of all, we remember them for the men who they were, and what they accomplished in there lifetimes as men for racial purity. Many will make claims to these great men of the past, for their own personal gains. Many already have..  No one in today's white power movement can lay claim to our dead hero's, except the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC, and the True Black & Silver Solution. Here is why. Look into the eye's of every single man in the above pictures, and let me know which one would create an alliance with the negro race.. regardless if it is a negro gang, or a negro church. All four men are rolling in there graves , due to the agenda of one traitor. Of the four men above, which one would make a deal with an organization that has an agenda to bring the white power movement to its knees. None. With that said, let me tell you a little something about myself. I will not tolerate any ass clown with an agenda to disrespect our dead hero's.. That would include all four men that sacrificed their lives for this movement. I have dedicated my life to see that the aforementioned men did not die in vein. Hail the Black & Silver Solution, and Hail our Victory.. SSJD

As i see it, and from what i have read about this so called historic document by the NSM, is nothing more than a mere copy of the Black and Silver Solutions. As stated by the NSM own website. This document set a precedent, never before in the history of the US  has any organizations agreed to put aside their personal, organizational, and/or religious differences to align with each other for the greater good. It also sates organizations that have had issues in the past have come together in SOLIDARITY and BROTHERHOOD.. 

This is where i have to say hold on lying Jeff. The ARYAN NATIONS SADISTIC SOULS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, for the past 4 plus years have been preaching  SOLIDARITY AND BROTHERHOOD. We have been doing EVERYTHING  your so called  historic document has stated. So how can it be deemed an historic document, it cant.  

I know for a fact that, Billy Roper (White Revolution) did not attend your event.  As  neither did Paul Mullet (Aryan Nations) attend your event. As far as Drew Boswick (Phinias Priesthood)  i'll have to give him a call. I sure didn't see Drew in any of  your pictures.

I would personally like to know who represented the Aryan Nations. 

I would also like to know who gave you permission to use the name ARYAN, for your new ALLIANCE?? (Aryan Nationalist Alliance) 

I also see Jeff. That the paper membership of the NSM, also includes some paper membership organizations within your new 11 group Alliance. 

We, at the ANSSMC do not mail out applications, nor are we a paper membership organization. Well of course you know that, you've mimic everything we stand for Jeff..

Next time Jeff, don't call one of my brothers that's a leader of one of our organizations, under the Black and Silver Umbrella, to cancel there commitment to one of our events to fill your void, due to people that have cancelled coming to yours. 

This is a slap on the wrist, compared to what can come. 

I agree with one thing you have stated on the NSM webpage. And i will quote you, (no longer will we allow ourselves to be divided over differences that serve the enemies of our folk)  end quote. 

Well, you can't step on the toes of every white man, nor organizations like the ANSSMC.  The true Historic's when it comes to leading edge of a solution to our problems  within the fundamentals of the TRUE ARYAN NATIONS WARRIORS. 

Anyone within the NSM or it's 10 other organizations, that have a problem with this article, feel free to contact me 



What a conference! Where do i begin??

We had Dennis Mcgiffen Rev. James Logsdon, Terry Halls 2nd in command, ANSSMC  SSJD, as speaker's. as well as Rev. Matt Hale on the phone at our National Conference. What more White power can you get at a National Conference. You don't .. There are many joke clubs like the NSM, that have failed in there very own organization. That Now Claim Aryan Nations. Go screw yourselves. My thought is why doesn't Schoep do something original, and positive for the White race for once. Just my opinion.. 

​The Blessing of the Bikes..


The ANSSMC, is not a joke paper membership organization. We only allow solid brother's within our order. Our Officers are not a joke, not now or ever. Hail Our Victory.. SSFFSS 

I would prefer to promote a White Power Organization, that to trash one. 

 In this case i can't. 

The NSM has always been a paper membership organization. Meaning, you send them money, and they will make you a region 555 director of the NSM, without ever meeting you, nor run you, to see if you are a snitch for the Feds. And the joke goes on. 

On 4/26/16 the NSM made a historic alliance by U.S. White Nationalists. Really?

The NSM  web site states; that they have set a precedent,never before in the history of the U.S. where the WNM has had so many organizations set aside there difference's for the greater good.... 

​The wheels of change  and direction was the atmosphere  during the 2017 NATONAL CONFERENCE. Representation from all Black & Silver clubs were present and informative. all moving the same direction. The men present were all proven in their respective club and have stayed in good standings for over 2 years! We closed our  society for one year as of 2017 conference an have decided to open the doors for a few good , solid men that live the life  of " loyalty over  love" Brotherhood bring the nucleus of our racial  family, it is our duty to keep this family secure..

​The Aryan Nations  along with all B&S Clubs do not have applications, you will meet one of our ambassadors. If you are interested, don't waste your time or ours! You must have much more than an interest to enter our ranks, we are not looking for dregs of dumbasses.  There are plenty of those Micky mouse clubs. It's either in you or it's not! If you cant drive you'll be better  off joining the UKA Face book page klan!

​We our brother's keeper, WE are all   brothers,We are legion!


From the desk of; Dennis Mcgiffen.

Aryan Nations World leader.

President of the; Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club..

2017 National Reunion Conference...

In fact we enjoy being with our brothers and sisters. Because we find kinship there within the White Nationalist community. The blessing of being in the body politic and knowing we belong somewhere can't compare to the old life we one lived. It's true, we are called to submit to one another (of our own race), and that is hard.. Especially when the other person's eyes haven't been opened to Our Cause and life's mission as White men and women! God has his ways of breaking and humbling us an getting us into a position and place where we serve Our Cause Better. We may not know why things happen to us or why we must go thru what we do. It might be as simple as God wants us to relate to someone down the road. Only god knows exactly why certain things happen, and that's something we must learn to accept..

Now I know Y'all have heard this a million times, but God will never put anything in our paths that we can't handle! 

(Philippians: 4:13)

May our hearts be stirred to cherish the blessings of the White Nationalist Community and to live our lives to the fullness God has planned for us. We have a common demoninator, and that means we will over come what lies ahead of us. We are Gods chosen people. We are his army. 

Stay Strong, and fear no man..

Hail Victory!! 

For God, Race and Nation..

SS Cory, Aryan Nations..

Always a sad day to lose a comrade, brother at arms and friend.

The water that divides us from physical contact will never break the bond of kindred spirits...

SS Dennis Russoue has been with us ​10 years and never faltered or lost his way..

He was one of our most loyal brothers and fought the good fight till the end. He has warned us of the appending doom coming to America and was a voice for white revival in a sea of genetic swill....Lets get this straight, the fucking nigger communist government murdered a white nationalist.. All whites are in serious danger there and they are being rounded up by FEMA camps!

Giving them filthy third world skrailing diseases then taking them to their socialized medical facilities to let Congo white hating niggers fix our white brother!!!!

Rest in peace my friend,

See you on the other side-


Dennis Mcgiffin, no title's needed.


Many organizations have tried to copy the ARYAN  NATIONS SADISTIC SOULS MC'S Black and Silver Solutions 10 step program.  Now Jeff Schoep of the NSM, is claiming he has united the KKK, Aryan Nations, and many more White Power Organizations under the NSM Umbrella. Sound familiar to anybody.

Cum on yaall , join the United Assklowns of America, put in your online applikation, and my goood buddie John Jackass Kries will aprovve ya in 10 minites or less. We at th UKA, will teach ya how to get along with our black kindred brotheers like the grape street crips, and hoe to make your klown costumme from dollor geneerel for 10 buks or less. The dummber ya is the beter. I guarentee yas a hi rankin positon, or iss bes a one leggedd man in a ass kiking contess Join today, wats ya waitting for. BJ Kingy broothers.. Cause ya now im to sexy for my shirt, to sexxy for my peg legg, im just to sexxy bitches. So saz my black bros. Im juss toooo seeexy..... Kingy my sexy barbee doll brootheers and klasph.......

​I'd like to ask y'all to please look up Eph. 2:19-22, and Eph 1-6, and read these verses as there is not room for quoting all of them on here...

Now I'm proud to know my True Aryan Identity, and know how well my people prosper thru all the hardships we have faced... We approach it head high, and chest out!

When one becomes Racially aware and open there eyes True Identity, it is a beautiful thing. Wouldn't you agree?

If you're a member of a White Nationalist group or part of our Great community isn't it hard not to enjoy services ,rallies ,gatherings and other fellowship activities?

The list now goes on, with Jeff Schoep..NSM.. Trying to walk the coattails  of Pastor Butler, Claiming ANA, a document written by Schoep, and Many organizations signed this so called Document. With snitches and bitches, under their umbrella, i see no future in all that. Now i can understand why people consider the White  Power Movement a mere Joke. That's sad.. Very very sad.

We, At the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC, have  set aside Pastor Butlers Christian Identity ideology. We have preserved the Ideology put forth by Pastor Butler, for the White organization ideology, of all white's shall and will come together as one.  We have done that now with 5 Organizations , and we have done this for a very long 5 years now and will continue so, as long as  am alive. I see no reason why other organizations, Mimic  and  coping  us  Hail Our Victory. SSJD Aryan Nations Ambassador. SSJD

Pastor Butler was making historic alliances back in the 1980-2004 before he passed. Except he didn't include the NSM, back in that era.  Nor would he now. 

If you believe Jeff that you are better than Pastor Richard G Butler. I guess its time to tell then truth about you. Where do i start??

First your a liar..

 You had no representation from the Phinehas Priesthood, nor the Aryan Nations. If you want to call a  degenerate under Gulette's Aryan Nations a representative of the True Aryan Nations , your really reaching...Who is Sam Barnes?? 

Jeff Schoep, you have failed under the NSM  banner, now you want to walk on the coattails of Pastor Butler, that's not going to happen.

I know for a fact that Paul Mullet,  Billy Roper and Drew Boswick didn't show up for your  event.

Therefore how can you claim it to be an  Historic event, and claim Aryan Nation Status. 

The only thing historic in today's time is, "The Black And Silver Solution". Brought to you by Dennis Mcgiffen, and the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC.  The ANSSMC has been historically preaching solidarity for 5 years now, we have put our religious differences aside this whole time, and we are worldwide. 

Jeff, your Aryan Nationalist Alliance, and your mission statement "Solidarity in Action" is a mere copy of the Black and Silver Solution. The literature used in your speech at your so called event, was taken off this website. 

I also find it odd, that the UKA spring rally, that has been posted on our web page for 6 months, was the same weekend of your so called rally. If you want to see a real cross lighting, check out the pics. we have posted on this site.

The ANSSMC has set the precedent, and is making history. Everyone else is mimicking everything we do. That would include you Jeff, With that said. Your 10 organizations now have been cut down to 8. And for the one organization led by Hatchet, well that's filled with snitches. So there you go. The ANA has no future in the white movement, unless  you want to join and go to jail .

Therefore Jeff Schoep, take my advice and drop the word Aryan, and rename your historic alliance the National Socialist Alliance. You have no right using the Aryan name. Not now, not ever. 

Hail our Victory, Hail the Black and Silver Solution.. SSJD  Aryan Nations World Ambassador, ANSSMC



Our Dead Hero's of the White Power Movement......

From; the desk of SS Cory...