The ANSSMC will be reinventing our newsletter, the "ARYANFRONTLINER". This newsletter will be directed towards but not exclusive to our brothers held in ZOGs Gulag abroad. Anyone may write articles, send artwork or write letters to the editor however, we encourage those in the ANPM to get highly involved. We also be putting a "pen-pal" link on our site for the incarcerated. All the ANPM members that want to send correction faculty and numbers should call or write;







This newsletter will be published quarterly and there will be no fee to our incarcerated presidents. We will expect the province president to produce copies for his charter. Those wanting extra copies can contact above brothers. Bulk copies are available, the first issue will come out December/January

Hail Victory!!


These are the true letters from prison. They maybe graphic in nature, and may  not  represent the opinions of the ANSSMC. Behind the wire is just that, behind the wire.  ANSSMC SSFFSS The Black and Silver solution. Hail Victory!!

The Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls, have a lot of good white brother's behind the wire. (in Prison)  Whatever there crimes are, Is more than likely for their belief's in White preservation, for being Aryan, or some chumped up charge the government has come up with.  Our goal at the ANSSMC is to get female pen pals for these noble men serving time ,for nothing more than their beliefs, or for being white. If you are interested as a white Aryan women, please contact SSmel, or SSJD for more info.  we are listed under contacts. Hail Victory. ANSSMC SSFFSS

From the Desk of Pastor Thomas Stuart,

   Hello to my Brother and Sister's in bonds!

I am Thomas Stuart of the greater ST. Louis area. Brother Mel asked me to send out a Racial Greetings to all of those associated with "The Black And Silver Solution" ANSSMC/TCM/UKA/RWR.

A little bit about me. I'm 55 years old, married, grandfather of two, a blue collar guy with 30 years in the same industry. I am a U.S. Army Veteran with service connected hearing loss. I'm a onetime Minister, with lifetime ordination from two organizations .A college graduate whose BA in sociology will usually but me a cup of coffee for about a buck or so, a little more if I don't bring my own cup.

Nowadays you'll find me on the interstices between tradition Roman Catholicism and Heathenry: both are a part of my heritage, and I honor them both equally.

  I'm also a moderator on Stormfront, which is still the largest Pro-White web forums around. I am one of the organizers of the may 19, 2012 Meet and Greet in Tinley Park IL, an event which we over publicized and under secured , leading to an attack by Anti-Whites. Those are my primary claims to "Fame". Nothing spectacular. I'm a pretty ordinary guy, really. With, maybe, a couple of " Uncle Dooweirdian" Quirks.

  So how on earth, you might be wondering, did I come to form friendships and associations with folks like the (self described !) "greasy, dirty, longhaired biker" Dennis McGiffin and / or the atheist Creator, quick fisted, not so nice guy James Logsdon?


Because I support the "Black and Silver Solution" I support the idea that we are, fast and irrevovocably, approaching the day when the shit will hit the fan. When things as we know them will fall apart, when we will need alliances and comrades to stand shoulder to shoulder with.

When we need to put aside  petty differences and cooperate with Folks on the basis of common kinship and mutual assistance.

 I encourage you who perhaps are brothers or sisters who have done wrong (but who remain my kinfolk notwithstanding!) to read the Black and Silver Solution, to embrace it, and to use your time now to prepare to help us who are on the "outside" in the days, which are coming.

 Meanwhile: the holidays are coming. A time which I know is especially hard for many if not for all of you. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I want you to know that. Moreover, I would like very much, to hear from you if opportunity affords you the price of a stamp. I will be asking Brother Mel for contact information on many of you, but feel free to write me yourselves, so that I may send you a holiday card. Do let me know if you prefer Christmas, Yuletide, Festum Album  or generic Holiday Greetings.



141 Conley Avenue


William Dudley Pelley. " I am the night's star and the morning breath, I am the music's silvered note that lingereth on the eardrums when the chord hath been forgotten, I am the little price that buyeth excellence. I am the soldier's bivouac and the laborers harrow, I am the earth's increase and the morrow's energy, I am the sweet light at evening when the lily hath her folding. Receive ye my presence, all ye who are worldly. Rise up and rejoice with me, for behold I say unto you, I am a man as he shall be"

(TEX) Craig Herric, a good brother doing life,needs a female pen pal. 

Any good Aryan girl that would like to contact him, his info. is: Craig Herrick B29633. 2500 RT. 99 south Mt, Sterling IL, 62353