Men of our past have Failed by those of today. I don't sit here and bring darkness of today's organizations, but bring the light of knowledge of  the Fed. infested organizations of today. The so called White Power Movement. 

 Dennis Mcgiffen, is the author  of the "Black & Sliver Solutions" 

The very reason he was good friends with Pastor Butler, Pastor Ray, and Dr. Pierce and many other's, is Dennis Mcgiffen had vision then and has the most documented and plagiarized website and ten point solution to date. 

 Why do you ask, let me tell you. We are not an internet fucktard social club. We don't recruit  members through social media. We are not riddled with federal informants, as most club's are if not all. 

Every single brother i have broken bread with, i will stand next to, or die for. I'll fight a good fight at my brothers side, for i trust them with my life as much as they trust me with there own. For i am my brother's keeper. 

 Let me tell you about a fool, Bradley Jenkins. Ole Bradley was kicked off Pastor Butler's compound because he got caught with his hands in the cookie Jar, trying to steal Pastor Butler's membership list. 

Well Bradley your no more Aryan than the NIGGER church and the Grape street crips you protected.

You sicken my stomach with the words that came out of your mouth in front of me. Lets protect the niggers from muslim control. Fuck that, let the dead bury the dead. Your lucky you had many men there, i was pretty pissed to say the least. Bradley Jenkins UKA is also a fed. Just so you know.

Turned his own flock in to save his son from drug charge's...

 The ANSSMC, the Black & Silver solutions has been the vision of the only man that could grasp the concept of the elder's of his past, Dennis Mcgiffen. 

 Men that were given titles of Pastor under the CJCC, even by Pastor Butler, or Pastor Ray himself.  Those were title's were given in good faith. To fulfill.. You all have failed..

 Man give's a title to a man, your expected to fulfill that title. I personally have been given no title iv'e haven't earned, nor fulfilled. 

A wise old man, at the last national conference of his life said one thing that will always be in my mind and Soul. "Pickup the torch and carry on"

The only true Aryan Nations Sadistic  Souls Motorcycle Club has done so.

The only True Black & Silver Solutions has done so..

Under the True Aryan Nations World leader, we have done so...

We've under the guidance of your dear friend we have done so....

 Their is only one Black & Silver Solutions .....

 Their is only one Dennis Mcgiffen......

We have picked up the torch and have carried on,  for ten years now, as all but your good friend has not failed you. 

Hail Victory to you Pastor Butler,  and for all our ancestor  in arms, Hail Victory 

 In the name of a perfect vision, the Black & Silver Solution.. 

 Hail the Black & Silver Solution....

​                                                      SSJD

Are you kidding me!!! Rabbi gulett, once again grace's us with his appearance as a rabbi, now selling Aryan Nations artifacts to the general public, to support his drug habit. Which by the way, these artifacts were stolen from Pastor Butler, before Pastor Butler's body was cold. This is the kind of scumbag you are dealing with.  The rabbi has stated since there is no longer an Aryan Nations, anyone can purchase these member's only artifacts. Yet if you dig a little on his web page you will find out Rabbi gulett, is now a self proclaimed  senior pastor of the church of sons of Yahweh, and gary farnsworth is assistant pastor.( Rabbi gulette's  last sermon was posted on 1/24/2016. It seems to me, we have all been lied to by a fool. The rabbis sword of truth has once again, lied about the true Aryan Nations. That being the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Mc . I don't follow quitters and or crack heads, if you don't think I know what I am talking about, check out crackhead morris on his sermon 1/24/2016, see for yourself how many times rabbi gulett cough's and clears the crack out of his nose. Truth against the world my fucking ass. What a joke. What a joke for white mankind. What a joke for white humanity. Hail the Black and Silver Solution. ANSSMC SSFFSS.    

If your white, that make's you a racist automatically!! Really??

I have had the honor of meeting the most dignified men of White Power movement of today's times. It is my honor to be able to call them my brothers. Many from different organizations, but all with one common goal.  That's to be free and to be White. Many will never accomplish what can be so easily obtained, due to the Fake white so called power organizations like the sell outs of the NSM. The White power Joke's of today's society will take your money, call you brother, but will never answer there phone when you are in desperate need of help. 

 I wrote an article about Jeff Schoep and Matt Heimbach and there plagiarism of this very website, as they stolen a phrase we use in the Black & Silver Solutions and copied our very own frame work, in which Matt dubbed the Aryan National Alliance. 

As we see the TWP,ANA, and now the NSM has fallen. 

After reading many articles from many different sources, i have come to the conclusion that Jeff Schoep in my opinion is nothing more than a self centered bitch trying to protect his ass from prison, and for the 2nd time has sold out his white brother's. This time to a nigger.Believe me when i say Jeffie Schoep is now James Hart Stern's bitch. 

There is nothing Jeff Schoep can do now to save the NSM, Stern has called in the niggers, the jews, the media and the fucking liberals to back him.  Schoep has sold out for the last time. I don't care what Schoep thinks he can get away with. Be certain of one thing, Stern will make it to where the NSM will never be able to be rebranded. Stern will dissolve the so called largest antisemitic neo nazi group. Jeff Schoep will still go to prison for actions of the NSM under his command in Charlottesville Virginia, and all for what. I'll tell you what, Jeff Schoep is a self centered sell out to protect his own ass when he should of been there for his organization, his brothers and for white mankind. 

​Pastor Butler warned us along time go about the NSM. I guess we should have all listen. 

    Until next time, Hail our Victory under the B&S, SS JD Aryan Nations VP...

Adolf Hitler, How many Jews did he kill?  Six million so said. 

Yet today White farmers in South African minority facing genocide incited by SA government is 20 times the international average. 

Yet, i doesn't make the 6pm newscast on any news channel in America. Wow, are you fucking kidding me. I've tried to look up some form of number's, but static's are unavailable.

In land owned generations ago, by Europeans, who built up what is known as "Rainbow Nation". are affected by the government.

Are among  those ramping up the hatred in South African is President Jacob Zuma, who now sings a song about White Genocide. 

If anyone would like comment on how this nigger president, that has more than likely killed more white men, than Adolf Hitler could ever kill 6 million Jews, and get away with it, i'd like to know.

And you fucking NIGGERS have the AUDACITY to call me a Racist. Look in your own land, hatred for the White mankind, fuck you. 

Yet, i am a racist, I hate your stinking nigger smell, your so called intelligence for fucking up the AMERICAN language,your saggin ass, think your so cool, showing your panties drawers,. and so on. Do i need to say more.. 

Hell no...

Hail our White Victory, SS JD


The white man never went to Africa, to import niggers. Niggers sold niggers to the Dutch in 1619, and the nigger was introduced to America as slaves.​I guess you could say the Black Dutch were the first at international trade. Whatever. The White plantation owners were the first entrepreneurs of America. What is very sad, is the white man today still pays the price of these so called niggers, through Welfare and prison. The niggers in America have never evolve from their primitive state from Africa, and they never will. 

Before racial integration in the 1960's, niggers had there place in society. They lived across the railroad tracks. We as whites had 3 classes of Americans. The poor,the middle, and the upper class. We as white's never had a ghetto.That came with the nigger, and all that the nigger could do with a poor neighborhood was to turn it into a drug infested, crime infested neighborhood. Nobody builds a ghetto, the nigger made it a ghetto. 

 The blind truth, is all niggers return to your beloved homeland..(Africa) Your Brothers are awaiting you. Your homeland that has oppressed you 398 years ago, would love to do it again. The following pictures are very  graphic, due to the contents of the following, no one under the age of 18 should view these pictures. 

The following pictures are from South Africa, they have not been altered in anyway. 

398 Years of Oppression by the White Man. I Think NOT!!

We; as White Americans were taught history in school. Whether it was high school or college. This course was to teach us of the past, so we didn't make the same mistakes in the future. Sadly today, history has now been placed on the back burner in public and private schools as well.

Now, with out the power of knowledge of the past, Everything is Racist. Especially if your not with the status quo of society today. 

As society today, destroys monuments and statues of the past, those who haven't learned of American History has no clue of the blood spilled by a blood brother from a blood brother in the Civil War. 

Society today has no concept of the sacrifices True blooded Americans have made to date. 

Every word in which the mud stinking swill of the genetic half breeds have called me and my non mixing  Brother's of the White Superior Race, has no meaning, and has never offended me.


I am an American Patriot. I will never falter from my bothers, club, nor country.. You communist fucks of today, that wish the White Man to dishonor his mere presents of today..

Go Fuck yourselves, Honor before Dishonor. 

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And you NIGGERS state the White Man Oppressed  you.!! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!! 

I will only be apart of the True Aryan Nations. In which i joined over 10 years ago. A true club, where a mans word is still a mans word. Where brotherhood still prevails as we break bread with our own race. Have shared camaraderie. Need i say more.

Jeff Schoep, You are a liar, a traitor of white mankind. You sold out your brother's to protect your white ass. Guess what, Your going to jail, for what happened in Charlottesville. You can't re brand and not face he charge's under the NSM, unless your a ratt. Oh shit, i just  might of hit the nail on the head.. 

​ You dishonorable reptiles of the CJCCAN past need to be just that; a part of the past.

This organization will never fall in the hands of a non white. It will be over my dead body.                                       A true Man, and a true leader, would sacrifice themselves before his brothers, before his club,before his organization. Not run to a ghetto nigger, looking for a pardon..

                                                            Hail, SS JD

About the CJCC Aryan  Nations,

 All Pastor's have failed Pastor Richard Girnt Butler.

 The Church of Jesus Christ Christian Aryan Nations.

 Pastor Butler  gave his life's work for the White Man. Not only has the White man failed him, so has his Ordained Pastors, of the CJCC.  And I mean all.. I assume once a great man dies, so does his life's  work. How sad... So, I assume this melting pot of mixed genetics is ok with you white Racist that talk the talk ,but have no walk.  I presume  all that were there in Pastor Butler's legacy ,have no balls to continue the work of Pastor Butler. My assumptions are probably  more than correct.. With that said, I am in the correct organization. The ANSSMC, is the only  organization that's moving forwards, the only organization that has a solution, and that doesn't let the past  bring us down. Hail Victory, SSFFSS, SSJD. Aryan Nations  Ambassador

Pastor Richard Girnt Butler.

  Loyal husband, loyal father, loyal Grandpa, and loyal Pastor to the Aryan Nations.

Pastors Butler's loyalty, his honor, and his life's work as Pastor of a supreme white race, has been tainted since his passing on Sept. 9th 2004..

With all this said, i believe we are doomed to repeat the past. It will not be North versus South, nor the original 13 colonies versus  Great Britain. It will be a race war. One that could of been prevented, but ZOG and the Jew have taken years to provoke. 

Rabbi gullette, couldn't make It as Self Proclaimed World Leader, now selling Aryan Nations memorabilia on web, and hiding under the assumed Church of Yahweh!!! I guess his cocaine habit exceeds his Herold Grooms Memorial fund. 

Had these two flags won their wars, Maybe life would be different. Maybe not. 

But, as we tear down American History, tear down our own Constitution and our statues and monuments and our historical songs of the past that is so very American. 

The Notorious SPLC would love nothing more than you to believe they are the authority in what is left of white power. Sadly there not. The NSM was not nor will ever be the oldest and most influential Neo-Nazi movements of all time, That title goes to men of character, men of far superior intelligence than Jeff Schoep could ever be. 

These men dedicated there live's for a cause, a movement, for the betterment of White mankind. Jeff Schoep was the man that walked on the coattails of our forefathers,and disrespected everyone of them for his own personal greed.  

EVERYONE. believes the  SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, is the informational entity of the White Power movement, and all there articles  are all true and factual .If    you believe that than you IQ is much lower than I anticipated..

The NSM , has removed the  Swastika from there  uniforms, because it offends  people. That's weak. We fly our holly symbols with honor.

The NSM also took off the Aryan nationalist front, as its hub name, and change it, o the Nationalist  Front.

Mark Turner a  Snitch , is with the NSM, how's that working out for you  jeff...

​Recently the SPLC, and article  on stating Turner was a good friend of Dennis Mcgiffen.. That's the furthest thing from the truth


For all you idiots, that have some fake hope that the White power movement has made any progress in the last 30 years. Your a bigger idiot than i could ever could foresee. In fact there hasn't been anything other than   a passing of gas and dumb asses like those who yell out White Power. Those who claim the mighty ARYAN NATIONS, yet you make it and yourself look like a mere joke. You jokes. seek out the jew media, you look like a retarded clown that likes peanut  butter,or want to bath  in white privilege ,what kinda bullshit is that.

The failures have been of the white man are the failures of those who are fake, have no honor,and wish to reap  and walk on the coattails of our beloved forefathers. There is no honor. amongst all that claim Aryan Nations. All of you have failed Pastor Butler and all that gave there lives, like Pastor Ray, Westly Swiff, Willi Pierce, and many others. Our fore fathers had the balls to do what needed to be  done. They never backed down from the MUDD Races. 


Aryan Nations!!

Today, i witnessed another Statue being covered up in Philadelphia and New York. 

I am not okay with this. A song that has played for nearly 98 years in every venue of every sports event all the way down to graduating American soldiers going to war, is now being scrutinized, because this singer sang so called racist songs in the 1930's. 

Had any of you fucks learn any history what so ever, you would know, that was acceptable in the 1930's. 

Maybe, you wouldn't have renamed schools like Lee, and Grant. 

Maybe a mere battle flag like this one not be torn down, nor associated with White supremacy!!