Jason "Wolf" Savage

Robert "sic" Whitey

The following list of name's are individuals that have either left on "Bad Terms", or are "Banished for Life" from the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls MC. 

Any organization out there that has a probate or a prospect, and there name is on this list, you may contact the ANSSMC, for more information. SSFFSS...

James Bouen

Troy Hacker

Jeff Hurst, AKA Satan

Paul E. Morris

Adam Randolph

Ed Demaire the 2nd

Robert  "BOB" Mccarthy

Matt Haworth

Rich Crabtree

Monty Welsh

Lucky MCCormick, A sympathizer to a fed Informant, Scotty Elkins..

James T. Phillips

Eddie Demaire the 3rd

Larry Heinrich

Bill Thor Coberly 

ANSSMC has snitch paperwork on this Unwanted!

Additional Unwanted

Robert Rain Water

Ronald Beckman

Scotty Elikins, A Fed Informant..

​Danny Ward. (AKA) Rebel.

​Out bad, banished..

Buddy Norris the 3rd

Fred Detrow

​Lisa Stice

​Fed. (active) informant

Robert Traughber

Walter R Kahl the 3rd

Brian  S. Amon

Michael Driver, Dave Bequette & John Roxburgh are BANNISHED from the ANSSMC for treason against the constitution & its leaders, sedition, conspiring, rumor mongering, inactivity, and a host of other infractions. They will be removed from all Black & Silver pages on social media. 3 morons that's been in for less than a year believe they can run the club i built better and used cowardice and treachery to attempt a failed attempt to call themselves Sadistic Souls-Shannon Roxburgh, and Susie Bequette are to be taken off of all social media and will be treated as BANNISHED!! If there are more than these 3 morons living together getting high making bad decisions, you will be BANNISHED also. I'm on the hunt for more traitors. If any B&S brothers are found collaborating with these people, you too will be BANNISHED!! The 3 stooges are finished! Now we make you famous. 


Ray Jennings

Chad Mathis, A Fed Informant 

Travis Hermann

Pauly Paletti

Larry Simoms

Robert Shoemaker/Castillio

Roy Trail

Robert Arnett

Jeremy Hurst

Joe Bildo

Robert Robinson

Justin Tootill

Casey B Lansdon/Lewis

Jimmy Elkins

Harry Schchiong