There is not a single scripture in any bible that states, we must mix ​genes and DNA , to form a new race. Whatever god you believe in, if god wanted us to be one, we would of been all the same color of the same race and the same people from the beginning.  

 We will NEVER  be one with the sub race, nor the mudd race. 

  The White man will always prevail in every endeavor that society or god throws  our way.

 We have yet to show the almighty power of the White Man.  Hail our Victory.. SSJD

This is Joanna Schoep, Jeff's wife  with his half breed stepchild. A mud shark at the very least. 

​Matt Heimback with his homie. Matt wrote the Famous ANA framework, never done before by an White Power Organization. Really Matt!!

I really don't like putting down other White Power Clubs. I wish all well in your endeavor for the White Race. My personal goal is that our forefather's life's work didn't die with them, or in Vain. What we have here is mere copycats of the ANSSMC'S web page. Well, Jeff and Matt, you just acquired your ten second's of fame. If you continue, i suggest you have the heart and SOULS of the ANSSMC, and The Black and Silver Solutions. Where; if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. Hail our Victory in it's Name, ANSSMC SSFFSS. 

Ashley Ray Goldenberg, Heimback' girlfriend, a JEW!!

The SPLC Might of brought Pastor Butler's compound down, But it will never bring the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls down. 

What ever happened to "if your not white, your not right"?? What ever happened to White Pride, White Power, World Wide!!!

Well it has to do in part with White guilt. Yet i,m not guilty of anything other than being White. I,m considered a Racist, a terrorist, and a White Supremacist. Thanks for all the labels the Jewish media has made up, and for all those who believe they are the authority in hate groups, terrorist, and whatever the fuck you can make up. (SPLC).

Matt holding a WW1  Imperial German flag next to his Jew  girlfriend's, Jew flag. That's an atrocity within itself.

There have been so many news outlets that have requested our thoughts and opinion's as the only true Aryan Nations, and have many questions., about Charlottesville , Virginia. Well i'm not a media whore like Jeff Schoep, Matt Heimback, nor the dumbass  Richard Spencer. I do have my personal opinion, and that of our Sadistic Souls MC, and the Black & Sliver Solutions.. So, in order for this not to be taken out of context by the fake media, here are my thoughts.. !!@@))((&&%%$$#__+#####PPOLLL$$!!@@))((**%%&&^^!!++++_@@$$***&__#, and this is our organizations thoughts on this matter,, ~~+++**%%^##@@@(())%%^^@@(())!!!$$$$$((**^^&++__&&%%$$@++!!@#$%^&*()_+, Any  questions!!!!!  I would hope this message is clear, and cannot be twisted  by anyone. All the aforementioned symbols mean; put your head back in your ass, and pack sand. Hail our Victory.. SSJD Aryan Nations world Ambassador!! SSFFSS 

​Here is your fearless leader of the joke club; Aryan Nationalist Alliance.. Jeff Schoep, should of stayed with the NSM !!

The Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls from the beginning has been a White Power organization that has from it's conception has been leading this sad movement forwards with its new ideology, tactics and ever changing strategies, for five long years now. 

We didn't steal anyone's ideas, We looked back in the past, and improved what would work in today's society. We discarded the stupid things like marches, handing out fliers and yelling through a bullhorn at a crowd of niggers,all very unproductive.

We set aside our religious beliefs. We did all this for the future of our RACE..

We have a comprehensive constitution, laws, bylaws, that fit all our other organizations.

The ANSSMC and it's many organization under the BLACK AND SILVER UMBRELLA, signed  the very first historic document, over four years ago.

We were the very first club that made history forming an alliance with our brother's in solidarity.

Our National Conferences, makes us stronger as a brotherhood.  And will continue to do so..

 With that said, we now have joke clubs that couldn't make it with there own ideas, these joke clubs have no vision, and probably don't even know the meaning of White Power or White Pride. I can tell you they don't have any honor. To plagiarize the Souls Web Site. To copy us in every way shape and form, including our Motto.

They call themselves Aryan. My ass. In my eye's you all are little boys. Only men of honor, men of character, men of there word, can be Aryan. As with all joke clubs, you will fall apart in due time, just like gulett did. 

So thank you Matt Heimbach for your creative ANA. and you Schoep need to crawl back under that  rock you came out of.

Hail the ANSSMC, and Hail our Victory. SSFFSS!!

Let me clarify, that we are not apart the CJCC. We are not the political part of the Aryan Nations. We lay  claim as our beloved Aryans Nations as the Militant arm of the Aryan Nations. 

With that statement, let me inform you, that we do not endorse,condone, nor will have any part of this current election. We as the Black and Silver Solution, go our separate ways. It makes no difference to us who is elected to the white house. The Media will have you believe that Donald Trump Is the White Supremacist choice. The Media is filled with Jews.  I will vote for the most qualified person out there. Well then again, maybe not. I see no candidate worthy of my vote. I am sure our forefathers are rolling around in there grave's as well as Pastor Butler. Our founding Fathers' signed the declaration of independence Aug. 2nd 1776. In that document was that the United States Gov. was for the people. Well; i don't see that with a lying bitch, an old fucker, a beener, nor a billionaire  earns my vote.  Our current President doesn't have the balls to stop ISIS. Doesn't have the balls to activate seal teams 3,4, and 5. The current president is now using the word solidarity. I heard it several time's today. Funny, How the President of the ANSSMC Dennis Mcgiffen, has use that same word for the last 4 plus years.  I consider myself a white  preservationist , but have been labeled many things. I am a Red Blooded American. I have a very serious warning for ISIS and it's savages, you bring your pussified terror to America, you best be versed in pslams 23. I will walk the valley of shadows of death, i will fear no evil, i already have thy staff and thy sword, and i will lay down in green pastures after i defeat you. Hail the Aryan Nations Black and Silver, And Hail our Victory.... SSFFSS

The SPLC state's "Aryan Nations Quickly Fading into Racist History.  REALLY!!!!

Of course, the SPLC  stated that Self proclaimed  Rabbi (Crack Head)  Morris L.  Gulett was in fact World Leader of the Aryan Nations. The SPLC would have you believe since Rabbi Gulett  closed up shop, there is no longer an Aryan Nations! That's the most absurd  crap iv'e ever heard in my lifetime. Rabbi Gulett has made a quote about the ANSSMC, and the Aryan Nations.  Rabbi Gulett has stated,and i quote ; The Aryan Nations "no longer exists with the veracity that it once had, And therefore it should be laid to rest. .. Well Morris Lynn Gulett, that's really not up to you, as a crackhead. And may i mention,you denounced yourself as a Pastor of the Aryan Nations.  Twice !! And you were kicked out of Pastor Butler's Aryan Nations, by Pastor Ray himself. The list goes on. Thank you SPLC for thinking the ANSSMC is more concerned about motorcycle runs, swilling beer, and posing for photos with our middle fingers giving the world the bird. And for your belief we are not organized . I say , as a member of the ANSSMC, your Jewish ass needs to go screw yourself's. Hail our Order, Hail our Victory,  Hail the Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club. Hail our Black and Silver Solution.. SSFFSS!!

A picture is worth a million words. Now you may understand why i call them a JOKE!!!!!! SSJD Ambassador Aryan Nations. 

This would be Joanna Schoep's  daughters baby daddy.

Where do i start with all this bullshit that keeps dividing the White man.

The Traditional Worker's Party, and the Golden State Skinheads, just got the shit kicked out of them in Northern California. 

Matt Heimback wrote the laws, by laws, and constitution for the Aryan Nationalist Alliance, for Jeff Schoep, Which completely Plagiarized The Aryan Nations Sadistic Souls Webpage. Now Jeff Schoep is in contact with Matt Hale, and trying to drag an uninformed brother to his failed attempts at white power. Shame on you both. 

You are no better than fucking Jews  in my mind. 

The SPLC, has stated after a mere  11 years  of Pastor Butlers death, there is no longer an official"ARYAN NATIONS WORLD Headquarters,nor a web page that represents  Pastor Butlers Religion ( Christian Identity, the ideology of the Ku Klux Klan,  and Pastor Butlers Hitler- worship)  Wow, Really. I'm glad the SPLC is the authority in the White Power Movement I feel safe as a white man with the Jewish SPLC reporting what they haven't a clue about.

SSJD, Talks a lot of Shit!! according to Matt Heimback. 

With that said; many lay claim to the Almighty Aryan Nations. So many have failed. Pastor Ray was a good man, but was never the successor of Pastor Butler, therefore could'nt make a statement like pick up the torch and carry on. Pastor Butler succeeded Pastor Ray in death. Therefore Pastor Ray had no authorty to pass the Aryan Nations torch on to anyone. Like i previously mentioned, MANY  lay claim to the Aryan Nations. So, for those who are pretend leaders of a organization that you are lying to, i hope they read this little article iv'e placed on the True Aryan Nations site. In Fact, iv'e included the last video of Pator Butler. Where Pastor Butler States pick up he torch and carry on. I'm pretty sure he wasnt talking about a nigger loving klan group, nor a nigger loving IW...... Do i need to say more, i can.. and I will.... SSJD Aryan Naions World Ambassador, and Pastor Butler's kin.. Hail Our Victory. SSFFSS ANSSMC!!!!!! 

As Pastor Butler has stated in this last World Conference speech in 2004 prior to his passing, " pick up the torch and carry on."  I believe the ARYAN NATIONS SADISTIC SOULS HAVE DONE JUST THAT. HAIL OUR WHITE VICTORY.SSJD.

The last time i checked, i work, i pay taxes, and i receive no government assistance to pay my bills. everything i do is 100% legal, well i do exceed the speed limit from time to time, so what.  Yet my ideology to preserve my race, as a whole, makes me a racist. The preservation of the White race, insinuates i'm a terrorist. and i'm a White Supremacist, because i want an aryan woman to reproduce the way god meant it to be.

When you fail in life as a leader of the NSM, you don't jump into a wagon full of Aryan Nations members, nor do you walk on the coattails of Pastor Butler. 

That in my mind is exactly what is happening now. 

Your failure's are now trying to mimic our success as a White power organization, that has been very successful for the past five years. 

I've acknowledge your failures for the past decade, and i'm not really impressed with your faults and insubordination as so called leader's in the white power movement. 

Both of you are a disgrace to the white movement, for your lack of vision, lack of leadership, and lack of securing a future for our White children. 

If i "SSJD" has talked a lot of shit, then a lot of shit has needed to be talked about. With that said, i'm all for my race, not for my personal agenda, nor trying to get my name in the Jew history books.. Hail the Black & Silver Solutions, Hail our White Victory.. SSJD Aryan Nations Ambassador  

I'm  Quite confident, that Rev. James Logsdon is correct in his analogy, with his extensive knowledge of the White Power movement's of the past,present and future. The NSM/ ANA Will be a part of nothing, and will prevail in total failure. Do i need  to say anymore. I don't think so. Hail the Black & Silver Solutions, Hail our Victory.  SSJD Aryan Nations Ambassador. SSFFSS

From the desk of the Aryan Nations World Leader; Dennis Mcgiffen..

 The splc would be considered one of the major information centers for profiling racist people and groups according to them and their anti- white cohorts.

 They are masters manipulators twisting facts, creating tales of horror and failure of all legit white clubs. They have presented themselves as the official authority on all racial activity and groups,assuring the masses who's who in the white nationalist ranks. 

 Morris Dees and the rest of the anti-white thugs use unlimited resources to crush white pride no matter how small as long as it fits their agenda. I assure you that the Aryan Nations is alive and well under the Black & Silver Solution.

 They may kill the messengers but they cannot kill an idea and the idealism of a true Aryans Nations. The evolution may look different but has been adjusted to necessary updated strategies and tactics to in insure the idea lives on!!!!

My authority comes from the members seen and unseen within our ranks, the only voices that matter... Just because they present themselves as the gurus on all racial matters, the truth or the matter is they don't know shit about the Aryan Nations today!

Their distorted number and exaggerated tales are made to persuade the masses that they are all knowing.

Their history of the Almighty Aryans Nations may have ended in the turmoil following the death of the honorable Pastor Butler, but the evolution has made us stronger today, and the main reason they underestimate us is three fold; first, they do not want to let the masses know we are bigger or better than their claim in fear more will follow, Two, is because we have taken steps to insure infiltration from their anti white stooges will be futile, we do not play with their players like Bradley Jenkins, the so called leader of the ZOG approved uka therefore no information from real clubs. And third, most important, WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT THE SPLC say's about us or any other group!!

They are not our friends, not our concern and sure as hell not our Authority!!

Hail Victory!!